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Here is what parents and pupils say about the lessons that I provide:


‘I have been delighted with the lessons that Adrian provides – not only has my daughter made good progress but she looks forward to lessons and is keen to practise in readiness for them.  He even supported and encouraged her so that she was able to keep on playing when she broke her arm!  I can’t recommend Adrian highly enough.’

Liz Syndercombe 


"Emily-Rose absolutely loves coming to guitar lessons. You have a patient way about you and she loves your funny voices. I play guitar as you know, but would never have the success with my daughter you have. You have a natural ability to inspire, and keeping learning fun. We have nothing but praise for you Adrian."

Paul Taylor


"Adrian has been teaching our son to play the guitar for over a year now and we have nothing but praise for his excellent teaching. Sam really looks forward to his lessons which are always full of fun and laughter. We home school and finding someone who could fit in with our schedule was really important and Adrian was very accommodating. Sam has just completed his first exam and was able to approach this with confidence and pass with a merit! It has been so lovely to see our son's confidence increase week by week and we are immensely grateful to Adrian for all of his help and support. We would highly recommend Adrian to anyone looking for a guitar tutor."

Charlotte & Paul Williams


"Tom looks forward with enthusiasm to his weekly lessons and has acheived excellent grades with Adrian. He expects to carry on through 6th form and hopes to gain extra UCAS points through his guitar exams which could prove useful when going for his preferred university. Overall, we couldn't have asked for more from a guitar tutor and have no hesitation in recommending Adrian to others."

Tony Baines

"Adrian is patient and always encouraging, he listens to my music preferences and really takes it on board. I have wanted to learn to play guitar for a long time and finally decided to go for it, I'm so glad i did! Would highly recommend Adrian as a teacher for all age groups, excellent."

Rachel Nicholson


“I have been learning guitar with Adrian for over a year and a half now - he is a great guitar teacher and a very nice guy. He makes lessons interesting and I am really pleased with how quickly I am progressing. I would definitely recommend Adrian as a guitar teacher.

Rob S


“ We have been very pleased with the progress Sam has made on guitar since starting lessons with Adrian.  He seems to have a fun packed half an hour with lessons ‘tailor made’ to Sam's musical interests, every week he seems to have learnt new things and never seems to get bored with what he is being taught.  We would highly recommend Adrian!”

Andy & Sarah Winser 


"Thanks to guitar lessons with Adrian, my son has rediscovered his enthusiasm in his guitar. He is developing his skills and his confidence has increased. It is good to hear him practising what he has been taught and see his enthusiasm in guitar grow. His weekly guitar lesson is something he looks forward to. Adrian is always very approachable, and happy to give advice/assistance if needed, and will go the extra mile to help achieve good results."

Lisa O'Loughnane


"My son Marcus has been having guitar tuition with Adrian for approx 5 years now.  Marcus has done really well under Adrian's excellent teaching skills and really enjoys his weekly lessons.  He started with an acoustic guitar and then moved on to electric.  I have been very impressed with his progress but more importantly for myself and Marcus is that the lessons are enjoyable.  I would certainly recommend Adrian to anyone thinking of enrolling their child into guitar lessons."

Angela Goosey


"Adrian is an excellent guitar teacher. Both my sons love their guitar lessons and their progress has been truly impressive."

Laura Beagrie


"Adrian provides relaxed, informal and enjoyable lessons for our 12 year old son. He is extremely positive and encouraging and Alfie has progressed to Grade 3 classical guitar."

Jane Love


"Adrian has been teaching my son the electric guitar for the past two years. He thoroughly enjoys the lessons. Adrian tries to keep a balance between fun and practical pieces, which my son requires to maintain enthusiasm. Thank you for your patience."

Karen O'Dwyer


"George really enjoys his guitar lessons, he is always keen to go. Adrian has wonderfully tailored the lessons to how George wants to learn and moves them along at a good pace to suit him."

Tricia Muncey


“My teenage son has been learning to play the electric guitar with Adrian for over a year now and we are extremely pleased with his progress. Adrian is a great teacher, very well organised and I would happily recommend him to anyone.”

Heather Spencer


"Adrian has been teaching me for more than a year now. He is an excellent tutor. He has an open and relaxed style, allowing me to explore various styles along with some kind of challenge to accomplish for the week. I find his enthusiasm and teaching skills are perfect for me. Highly recommend Adrian for anyone who wants to progress their skills and have fun at the same time."

Rahul Hinge

"Adrian has taught my son for 7 years now, Seb looks forward  to the lessons and will miss them when he moves away to university in September. Adrian has a very encouraging and flexible approach to teaching and, as a result, Seb enjoys playing and his guitar will definitely be in his uni luggage. Adrian has also encouraged Seb to sing, which he will do at the concert this year. I am so pleased Adrian was recommended to me, and I would recommend him to any parent looking for a guitar teacher."

Anne McCabe

"Adrian has been teaching my girls ukulele and guitar at their primary school. They love their lessons and have made great progress, including in their confidence to perform. My eldest is moving on to a different school and will miss his inspiring teaching."

Mary Small

"Adrian has taught my son for the past year. My son has made great progress and enjoys coming home to show us new melodies, rhythms and scales he has learned. Adrian is a great teacher and goes above and beyond. I've just signed my daughter up too! Thanks Adrian."

Sara Field

"In the words of my daughter (9): Adrian always makes our lessons really fun, he's always willing to adapt the way he does lessons to suit us (I prefer sheet work to book work so he is happy to do this with me), and I think I have improved a lot since starting. I love the songs he chooses for us to learn too."

Natalie Martinez

"Florence has been having guitar lessons with Adrian now for almost 4 years. He is enthusiastic and passionate about his music and this really shows in the quality of his lessons. Florence enjoys having lessons and has also recently played a solo piece at a concert. Would highly recommend."

Tracy Neller

"Adrian has been teaching my daughter to play the guitar for the last nine months. He is a calm, encouraging and friendly teacher and she has made amazing progress. I honestly couldn't be happier."

Natasha Bayat

"My daughter really enjoys her guitar lessons with Adrian and has made great progress over the last 3 years. I highly recommend Adrian."

Emma Mead

"Adrian has given Cameron confidence to play his guitar in front of big audiences. He loves learning with Adrian, he likes that we can choose the songs he wants to learn. Thanks for all the opportunities given to him."

Kellie Boyle

"My son has issues with concentration but loves his guitar lessons and we are thrilled with his continued progress."

Philippa Dodd

"Our son really enjoys his lessons with Adrian who is helpful, kind and patient and his progress has been impressive.  Adrian picks up to date music as well as the traditional which is perfect for an 8 year old boy.  We would highly recommend Adrian."

Lisa Tarr

"My daughter has been learning (beginner) guitar with Adrian for nearly a year now. She absolutely loves her lessons and can't wait for the next week. Adrian is a fantastic teacher. Kind, caring, and encouraging."

Cheryl Price

"My son only started lessons with Adrian Maycock a year ago and has improved so much, he is taking his first guitar exam next week and can't wait, can't recommend Adrian enough."

Clare Osborne

"My son has enjoyed guitar lessons with Adrian for a couple of years.  He is a true professional with a calm and patient manner, which has undoubtedly instilled confidence in my son and his ability to learn a new instrument".

Rebecca Palmer

"Adrian has been teaching guitar to my daughter (age 10) at her school in a small group for over 18 months. She really enjoys the lessons and has made good progress with Adrian. The lessons sound relaxed and fun, using a wide range of music from Harry Potter theme tunes to more classical songs. Adrian is very professional, provides regular communications and updates and when I've had any questions has always been prompt and helpful."

Mrs Ward

"I have recently started guitar lessons with Adrian after a 2 - 3 year break. However, after a few months I have been better than I have ever been! After this short period of time, he has got me to a level so I'm confident to take my grade exam! Adrian's 1 to 1 lessons are great because he works at your own pace and helps to improve your strengths and work on your weaknesses. He also tutors for many guitar/string based instruments too! Best of all he is a friendly, approachable person with a good sense of humour."

Joseph Gladman

"We are extremely pleased with the progress Daniel has made during the three years Adrian has been teaching him at primary school, and very pleased that Daniel is so happy with his lessons that he has now decided to have private tuition with Adrian."

Vicki Kenah

"Adrian provides a professional yet friendly approach to learning and has been very patient and accommodating with our children. He has given opportunities to explore a variety of genres and shows a passion that inspires his pupils. Progress has been enjoyed as a result of group school lessons as well as private tuition and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him."

Priscilla and Jason Miller

"My son has been learning guitar with Adrian for 5 years now and he has made great progress. What we like is that Adrian is very relaxed with the kids and makes sure that they get to play music they like and want to play rather than just exam pieces. This means they have fun and want to keep playing."

Carol Lake

"Adrian has been teaching my son to play the guitar since Sept 16 and he has enabled my son to achieve a distinction in his first ever guitar grading. This speaks volumes to me about Adrian's teaching. He is always helpful to find the tunes that my son is interested to try and play and will write out the notes for him if he can't find the music. Adrian is extremely helpful and supportive to parents. I would thoroughly recommend Adrian as a music teacher, he is very relaxed with the students and keeps them motivated."

Di Thatcher

"Louis has thoroughly enjoyed his guitar lessons with Adrian. He has loved the song choices and they have totally engaged him with learning the guitar.  As a parent, I have been impressed with the progress he has made in such a short time and the brilliant communication from Adrian to parents. Louis is really looking forward to continuing his lessons with Adrian. "

Emily Brooker

"Adrian is an excellent teacher with a very patient, calm manner which my son responds well to. He has been teaching Stanley for four years and has kept him motivated and keen to continue. Brilliant! Thank you Mr Maycock."

E Ross

My name is Finley I am aged 10. I have been doing guitar lessons with Adrian for 2 years and have enjoyed it very much. He is a very patient teacher and has a very interactive teaching style. I achieved a distinction in my first grading and am looking forward to my next grading. I will mention him on the cover of my first album.

Finley Edwards

"My son Thomas thoroughly enjoys his lessons with Adrian. He is very professional and at the same time he has a great rapport with all of the children. Adrian is very patient and also always considers the songs that Thomas would like to learn, as well as what he already has planned for him in his lessons. I would definitely recommend Adrian."

Katie Walker

"My son has had lessons at Primary School with Adrian for the past 4 years and has thoroughly enjoyed them. So much so that's he's continuing at Secondary School and now wants private electric guitar lessons too! He's progressed really well during the years and has been inspired to challenge himself by Adrian throughout. Adrian is an excellent teacher and very supportive with his students. If you're looking for a guitar teacher then Adrian would be a very good choice"

Tracey Bourne

"Adrian is superb he has supported my daughter so much and built up her confidence so much. She absolutely loves playing the guitar and that is thanks to Adrian. HIGHLY recommend. Thanks Adrian."

Lydia Butler

"Advika enjoys playing guitar and is being trained by Adrian since the past 4 years. She started off from Preliminary Grade and has progressed to Grade 3 now.  The stage show has been a wonderful opportunity for Advika to showcase her guitar and vocal skills in front of a live audience. She has had very good support and encouragement towards Grade exam preparations. Advika's passion for Guitar and music is well acknowledged, which is shown in her eagerness to attend the weekly classes. Thank you Adrian for these."

Advika's parents

"Adrian is a kind and encouraging teacher who makes learning fun. Nate has made very good progress and enjoys his lessons. I highly recommend him as a tutor."

Sue Gray

"My eldest son started having guitar lessons with Adrian in year 1 at the age of 6 and now 11. He's made such a remarkable success out of this and is moving from strength to strength! He's just sat his grade 4 exam and has had excellent results so far.

Adrian is one of the most patient teachers I've ever come across. He gets his message across in a clear and calm manner. He carries parents along and manages to produce remarkable concerts by his pupils on a regular basis.

What is amazing is you'd think the time these kids spend with Adrian per week is miniature, however it is effective and very productive. He knows how to get the best out without necessarily spending long hours teaching.

My second son is also making good progress with Adrian and has already done 2 grade exams at the age of 6. Again, it's a success story. The boys together performed in the Basingstoke music festival which demonstrates great confidence. A big thank you Adrian.

Looking forward to number 3 starting in September!"

Jummy Awoseyila

"Adrian is an amazingly passionate teacher. He really cares about development and wants to know exactly what you want to learn. When he started teaching guitar to my son, I was impressed with the motivation he gave to my son who then went on to successfully pass grades with distinctions and provided opportunity for him to perform live. Adrian's professional yet personable nature gave my son the key to unlock his inside talent. Many thanks for all your help and support over the last five years Adrian. Long may it continue!"

Karen Hart

"Adrian has been teaching my daughter for 3 years - The point being that after 3 years she still wants to play guitar and learn from him! He is an extremely patient and focused teacher and has guided her so successful results and more importantly enjoyment of music. I can always contact Adrian for updates and ask how I can help - Thanks Adrian!"

Sidrah Shireen

"Adrian is an absolutely fantastic teacher, he is friendly and very approachable. My daughter comes out of her lessons with more confidence and a passion for learning more with guitar. I can't thank you enough for all you have done and how far my girl has come. Even my little boy wants to learn the guitar as he has seen how much enjoyment his sister gets out of it! Highly recommend Adrian as a guitar teacher. Grace can't wait to start private tuition through the summer. Thank you."

Louise Hall

"My 7 year old has been taught by Adrian for a year now and absolutely loves his lessons. Adrian is incredibly patient and always takes time to find out what my son is interested in learning next. The annual gig is such a fabulous opportunity for the kids (& adults) to perform and show what progress they're making. Highly recommended!"

Claire Willmott

"Adrian is a great guitar teacher. Both my children come home inspired to play and learn more and are discovering great music through his tuition."

Pip Eldridge

"Adrian has taught my daughter Heidi the guitar for almost 18 months now. She thoroughly enjoys her weekly lessons and looks forward to them each week. Adrian is extremely positive with Heidi and I am also very impressed with his excellent communication skills. Thank you Adrian!"

Sara Thompson

"My daughter has been taught by Adrian for the past two years-she loves his classes and is due to do her grade 3 next term! Highly recommended-thank you"

Heather Stephens

"Relaxed lessons tuned to your needs and interests. Amazing experience!!"

Vasilis Spanakos

"Adrian is a brilliant guitar tutor, encouraging but endlessly patient and a gentle sense of humour. He clearly loves what he does and his enthusiasm shines through in the way he teaches. Would thoroughly recommend him."

Debby Hannigan

"Thank you for helping Rhys to progress as far as he has this year. Guitar does not look like an easy instrument to learn, yet, you teach it so well that Rhys has a lot of enthusiasm for it still, and likes showing us what he can now do after each lesson."

Amanda Wallace

"William has really enjoyed his guitar lessons with you - just the right combination of encouragement and challenge. Thank you for your careful exam preparation. You set him up for success and the run through before helped calm any last minute nerves."

Octavia Chave

"I would like to thank you for seeing both Aiden and Riley through junior school. Riley especially has really enjoyed his sessions, Riley is very shy and you have helped by building his confidence bringing him out of himself."

Dawn Prydderch

"Both my kids have had a great time learning to play guitar with Adrian for the past 4 years. He is very friendly, easily approachable and makes learning fun. He ensures that he is there to provide support and warm up on the exam day which helped them tremendously in their exam performance. They've grown ever more confident with playing the guitar now. Thank you very much!"

Prathibha Mariappan

"Adrian has taught our daughter for the past 2-3 years and we would recommend him without any hesitation. 

Adrian is very professional, organised and attentive to the needs of his students. Our daughter very much enjoys the lessons. Thanks to Adrian, she has gained a great deal of confidence, has made very good progress and has passed every grade Adrian prepared her for. "

Valerie Horobin

"My Grandson, Reuben, aged 12 has been learning acoustic guitar with Adrian for a couple of years now and his progress has been impressive thanks to the constructive tuition he has received. Adrian's kind and patient approach along with his intuitive understanding of each pupil's individuals needs mark him out as one of the best instrumental teachers I have encountered and I've met a few! He also encourages performance practice which is so beneficial for students' confidence even if they don't go on to do music. Reuben thoroughly enjoys his lessons and has dubbed his teacher to be "Awesome, Epic "and other words youngsters use. What higher recommendation could there be?"

Ros Shepherd

"From Sophie, aged 10 I have guitar lessons with Adrian every week at school. We learn in small groups which makes it more fun and we learn from each other too. I really enjoy my lessons and I'm getting more confident playing my guitar in front of people as we did a concert at the end of term for our parents and the rest of the school. I would definitely recommend Adrian's lessons to everyone :)"

Krissy Roberts

"Adrian is a fantastic teacher, we couldn't have found a more dedicated, fun and reliable teacher for our son. Thanks Adrian!"

Aggie Burton

"Adrian has been teaching Dillon since juniors. He's a gentle lovely teacher, cares about each student's progress and has the passion and patience to teach them. He's great and i know Dillon totally agrees. Big thumbs up from us"

Mel Bessant

"Ellie has really done well learning to play the guitar under Adrian's tuition. She really enjoys her lessons and looks forward to them every week. I couldn't recommend Adrian more highly. He is a great teacher, very knowledgeable and approachable chap."

Marc Spragg

"My son really enjoys his lessons and has made good progress."

Sarah Whittaker

"My 8 year old son has never played an instrument in his life he has had lessons with Adrian for one year and passed his exam with a distinction! He loves going to his guitar lessons. If I have any questions and email Adrian he’s always quick to respond and more than happy to help. Highly recommend."

Kat Cameron

"Adrian always conducts lessons with an air of calm professionalism. He is attentive and gives guidance in a friendly, encouraging manner. In short, he is a good teacher. My lessons are always enjoyable and I look forward to them."

David Johnson

"Our son has been learning the guitar with Adrian through his school for the past year. He has thoroughly enjoyed himself and progressed really well gaining his Grade 1 while learning a mix of classical tunes and some very cool rock and roll gems! Adrian has the patience to create a positive learning atmosphere which has allowed our son to want to continue to develop his skills."

Richard Brown

"Fantastic teacher with incredible patience."

Jennie Calver

"Adrian has been brilliant from day one. His lessons are specific and unique to the individual needs of his students. I've learned so much over the last few years and continue to move forward with my playing. He makes lessons very enjoyable and i can't recommend him highly enough."

Simon Brown

"Adrian has taught my 8 year old daughter for a few years. He is very encouraging, kind and patient. She loves his lessons, they are fun and play great tunes, and she is making excellent progress."

Tamsin Yates

"We are very happy and thankful for you teaching our son for 4 years.  Janak enjoyed every class and the songs being taught. He will miss you very much when he moves to his secondary school. "

Rebecca and Prasannajeet

"Adrian has given our son a fun and inspiring introduction to the guitar through lessons at his school. He really enjoys the variety of tunes he is given to play and has made great progress!"

Tim Dennis

"My Son - “Shriyansh” started learning guitar by Adrian Maycock in his school and now he is excellently playing guitar. My son also now interestingly plays songs whichever he likes by just looking at music notes directly & very much perfectly. And all this credit goes to Adrian for making him learn guitar from scratch till superb performance.

Based on Shriyansh progress I will definitely like to recommend Adrian.

Thanks Adrian."

Manisha Sahu

"Adrian is an amazing teacher who will tailor lessons to encourage & motivate and therefore get the most out of each session."

Paul Barton



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